Caelen Alexander launched a few days early and arrived safely at 8:42 AM on January 11. For those of you into statistics he weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Why does that sound like verifying a fish for a record book or state citation?
    After much discussion and votes by various family members and friends we chose the middle name Alexander because : 1) we liked it; 2) it is a nod to noted Scottish kings of the 12th and 13th centuries. Caelen means "victorious people" or "mighty warrior" in Gaelic translation, so a middle name remembering "The Fierce" (the first King Alexander) seemed fitting.
Caelen at age of 4 days, refreshed after a bath...which we will note for the record he reluctantly and loudly endured, but rather obviously did not enjoy. We will also note for the record he unfortunately seems to have inherited his father's nose. LOL with that kid...
     Despite the implications of the naming, we are happy to report that Caelen so far shows no signs of fierceness. Strong willed? Yes. Very high energy? Yes. But no battles as long as the bottle arrives when politely requested...or loudly demanded. Caelen is showing early savvy in that he will drain a bottle in seconds, but won't nurse. His attitude seems to be "why should I work that hard, when I can just lean back and swig from a bottle?" Hard to argue with that logic. eh?
    For those wondering why Caelen's Dad has not been emailing photos and posting to this blog with reckless abandon, please see the next post...about the (hopefully) short-term effects of acute sleep deprivation.

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